Ribcraft 810S

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Overall Length 8.1m
Overall Beam: 2.7m
Internal Length: 7.0m
Internal Beam: 1.7m
Weight Depends on Specification
Tube Diameter: 550mm
Maximum Horsepower 500
Maximum Number of People 20



The Ribcraft 810S is the next generation of leisure Rib from Ribcraft, It bridges the gap between a leisure Rib and a serious offshore craft. Whether its family days out water-skiing or long distance offshore cruising, the Ribcraft 810 Sport is designed to exceed your requirements.


Offshore Use

If it’s fast offshore cruising you’re looking for than the Ribcraft 810 Sport will be well suited. She’s designed to be faster and sleeker than the Ribcraft Professional range of Ribs. The 810 being very sure footed in tight turns, large head, beam and following seas.


Family Use

When it’s time to bring the family along the Ribcraft 810 Sport is happy to accommodate you with plenty of comfortable seating and generous internal space. The deck is designed to sit lower in the boat when compared to other Ribs; this offers a more secure feeling when under way.



The Ribcraft 810 Sport has been designed to look as good as she performs. Two tone inflation tubes are as standard and there ’s a choice of decking from our standard diamond pattern or the stylish maintenance free flexi teak. The contoured rear ‘A ’frame can house navigation lights and aerials, it also has a high tow point for skiing.


Helm Console and Seating

The helm console has plenty of space for mounting anything from electronics to a stereo system and the large screen also gives you plenty of shelter out of the wind. The driving position is designed to give you maximum comfort and support in rougher conditions. The console also has a front seat suitable for use on calmer days and at slower speeds. At the helm position there are four jockey seats with individual stainless steel backrests. Jockey seats are standard fitment for our commercial craft as they offer safe and secure seating when under way. The 810 Sport jockey seats have been modified for increased comfort when at rest. At the stern of the craft there’s an internally moulded rear bench seat incorporating a splash-well moulding. The bench seat has Storage beneath and is capable of seating three large adults.


“Overall I thought the Ribcraft were exactly as expected, they are strongly constructed to accept the worst nature can throw at them, they are eminently practical and capable”
Rib International Magazine