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Search and Rescue RIB’s from Ribcraft

Ribcraft Manufacture Marine Rescue Craft and are keen to accommodate our clients  individual requirements. We have constructed many such craft and have our standard Lifeboat specification equipement which covers the majority of rescue applications. We also construct our craft to meet the MCA Rescue boat coding.


Ribcraft are one of the only British RIB manufactures to offer a complete capsize and restart system, which comprises of: Waterproofed electrical system • Waterproofed capsize lights • Post immersion restartable outboards • Manually activated self-righting bag and frame • Emergency tiller steering system

Ribcraft Custom Made Components

• The electrical system components are manufactured inhouse, these comprise of: Waterproofed electrical distribution box with externally activated circuit breakers

• Push to Start Engine start system, housed in its own waterproofed aluminium box with push to start system for quick operation

• Emergency battery link system operated remotely from the helm position

• Capsize lights linked to mercury switch. In the event of capsize the lights will automatically switch on to aid escape.

• GPS Link system, the course and heading are sent directly from the navigators console direct to the helmsman’s repeater

• Custom made Ribcraft Rope reels and Anchor storage

Example Projects  /  Specification Sheets

Ribcraft Youtube Videos