Ribcraft 9.0m Professional

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Overall Length 9.0m
Overall Beam: 3.0m
Internal Length: 7.6m
Internal Beam: 2.0m
Weight Dependent on Spec
Tube Diameter: 500mm
Maximum Horsepower 600
Maximum Number of People 14


Ribcraft 9.0 is the ideal choice for the dedicated professional, easily coping with the endurance demands of heavy commercial usage.

Ribcraft 9.0 is tailored made to your application, whether commercial, passenger carrying, rescue or diving use. Propelled by either outboard or inboard engines she gives a sparkling performance and her responsive handling makes her a pleasure to helm in any sea state. Exported all over the world to a diverse spectrum of operators the Ribcraft 9.0 offshore is a tried and tested commercial worker.

The Design
The Ribcraft 9.0 offshore with designed by an industry leading designer, the late George Marvin C Eng. m.r.i.n.a. who had the reputation of being the most experienced designer of Ribs in the industry through his works in fluid dynamics.

The Interior
Ribcraft 9.0 has a large internal deck space, with its wide 3.0 metre beam there is ample room for many passengers or equipment. There is a host of accessories available from consoles and seating to propulsion and power options, any specific requirement can be accommodated for whatever the application.

The Construction
Ribcraft 9.0 Offshore is an incredibly strong craft, from her cross linked inner matrix construction and commercial lay up to her extended tube flange resulting in a boat of immense strength and longevity.

The tubes are bonded to the hull over an extended tube flange that gives them far superior bonding strength between tube and hull than conventional flanges. The end product is an immensely strong hull and tube that meets M.C.A. approval.

“I liked the way she handled very much. Responsive and enjoyable to helm, she just felt good under one’s feet”
Rib International

“Constructed to a standard well suited to the high demands of a serious international market”
Rib International