Ribcraft 6.4m Professional

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Overall Length 6.4m
Overall Beam: 2.4m
Internal Length: 5.3m
Internal Beam: 1.5m
Weight Dependent on Spec
Tube Diameter: 530mm
Maximum Horsepower 200
Maximum Number of People 12


The Ribcraft 6.4 is a true offshore Rib capable of handling the most inhospitable sea conditions. The high sheer bow, deep vee hull and full length spray rails give exceptional stability in rough weather whilst keeping the bow high in swells and heavy chop.

Commercial Use
The Ribcraft 6.4 is the ideal choice for those who wish to carry people and equipment with confidence. Ribcraft 6.4 is suitable for anything from a RYA teaching school to an MCA approved working vessel. Users include the Metropolitan Police Special Operations, QintetiQ, Portishead Lifeboat and countless powerboat schools, commercial organisations and diving schools.

The Interior
Ribcraft 6.4 has a large deck space with room for many applications. There’s a host of configurations available; consoles, seating, propulsion and power options, the boat can therefore be customised to specific individual requirements whatever the application.
The Ribcraft 6.4 is capable of long distance cruising, under-deck fuel tanks maximise the console space and lower the centre of gravity thus improving trim and handling.

All Ribcraft models can be easily coded for commercial usage. As standard they are MCA* type approved, the boat has already passed the relevant buoyancy, stability and approved build standards. The relevant safety equipment must be onboard; the final boat is inspected by our MCA surveyor before a certificate is issued. For more information and advice please contact Ribcraft. *(Maritime and coastguard agency)

“Overall I thought the Ribcraft were exactly as expected, they are strongly constructed to accept the worst nature can throw at them, they are eminently practical and capable”
Rib International Magazine

“The Ribcraft hull has all the characteristics of the best sea boats we have tested, so I would have no hesitation about taking this one on a long off-shore run”