Ribcraft 5.85m Professional

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Overall Length 5.85m
Overall Beam: 2.4m
Internal Length: 4.8m
Internal Beam: 1.5m
Weight 390kg
Tube Diameter: 500mm
Maximum Horsepower 150
Maximum Number of People 12


Originally launched in the late eighties the Ribcraft 5.85 soon had a dedicated following with commercial users. Although modified and tweaked over the years she remains true to her original concept of seaworthiness, reliability and strength.

The 5.85 is a true offshore Rib capable of handling the most inhospitable sea conditions, her high sheer bow, deep vee hull and full length spray rails gives exceptional stability in rough weather whilst keeping the bow high in swells and heavy chop.

The Ribcraft 5.85 superior handling characteristics enables her to be powered by engines up to 150hp, giving a breathtaking performance. For normal usage engines between 90hp to 115hp will suffice, talk to Ribcraft for advice on selecting the correct power unit for your application.

Fuel System
The 5.85 is capable of extended long distance cruising, her fuel tanks are located under-deck, maximising the console space and lowering the centre of gravity thus improving trim and handling. Using stainless steel under-deck fuel tanks enables Ribcraft to squeeze an impressive 40 gallons of fuel onboard, giving her long endurance times at sea.

The Interior
Ribcraft 5.85 has a large deck space with room for any application. Control cables are routed below deck keeping them from harms way and giving a totally clear deck. There is a host of accessories available; consoles, seating, propulsion and power options, the boat can therefore be customized to specific individual requirements whatever the application.

“The Multi-application Ribcraft 5.85 is definitely one for the short list if you happen to be looking for a sensibly priced, well built Rib capable of taking you offshore in a mature fashion”
Rib International Magazine

“The Ribcraft hull has all the characteristics of the best sea boats we have tested, so I would have no hesitation about taking this one on a long off-shore run” Boatmart “Although it is three years since they supplied the coastguard boats, they have had no reported faults”
Force 9