Ribcraft 5.3m Professional

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Overall Length 5.3m
Overall Beam: 2.33m
Internal Length: 4.1m
Internal Beam: 1.3m
Weight 325kg
Tube Diameter: 500mm
Maximum Horsepower 100
Maximum Number of People 8


The Ribcraft 5.3 design criteria was to produce a craft with increased deck space and load capacity over the already established Ribcraft 4.8 whilst maintaining is ease of handling in and out of the water. She had to be seaworthy, light, strong and have a soft riding hull, all the characteristics that enabled three Ribcraft 4.8’s to complete a circumnavigation of Britain in just ten days. The hull is designed to give greater lift at low speeds and plane faster.

The Ribcraft 5.3 was the first Ribcraft hull to be totally designed using the latest computer aided design; the hull’s plug was cut directly from the computer model utilising computer controlled machining.

The Interior
Ribcraft can customize the Internal layout for any application from commercial use, diving to sailing club safety and rescue. The Ribcraft 5.3 has generous internal deck space to accommodate anything from racing marks, rescue equipment, to stretchers and safety equipment. All control cables are routed below deck ensuring an uncluttered free working area.

“On the water the Ribcraft really picks up the points, with a performance that shows you just how pleasurable a well sorted hull/engine combination can be” Sports Boat & Rib Magazine