Ribcraft 4.8 Professional

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Overall Length 4.8m
Overall Beam: 2.1m
Internal Length: 3.9m
Internal Beam: 1.2m
Weight 210kg
Tube Diameter: 460mm
Maximum Horsepower 70
Maximum Number of People 6


Designed as a complete all-rounder the Ribcraft 4.8 can be adapted to any application. The classic Ribcraft 4.8 design incorporates the qualities of exceptional safety, strength, stability, speed and comfort. Her high sheer bow and classic deep vee hull gives exceptional stability in rough weather whilst keeping the bow high in swells and heavy chop.The hull characteristics and rugged construction are ideally suited for anything from a harbor patrol boat through to a sailing club support boat used for rough water rescue craft. The Ribcraft 4.8 range is used for many different applications all over the world including water-sports centers, diving, sailing clubs, commercial use, safety and rescue.

Round Britain Challenge
An exciting and challenging event was completed in 2001. The ‘Four Metres Around Britain (RB4)’ was an attempt to circumnavigate Britain with boats under five metres in length. Three Ribcraft 4.8’s entered the event, Merrill Lynch, Rib International and Team Ribex successfully completed the event in just 10 days!

“If there is one truly outstanding feature about this RIB it is the extraordinary ride it gives . . . . . .it not only gives a very soft ride but a dry one too”
R.I.B International Magazine

“All in all, over 1,600 miles of every type of sea, we never once felt compromised, in danger or fatigued by the ride given by the boat itself – a testimony then to Ribcraft’s product, Workmanship and practical attention to detail”
Steve Harvey of Team Ribex wrote in the December Issue of RIB International Magazine